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Did You Make Up Your Mind?

Did you make up your mind to lose the weight without diet pills? Did you make up in your mind to quit that job that makes you miserable? Did you make up your mind to put your family first? Did you make up your mind that to have anything,you are going to need to save some money?

Did you make up in your mind to give your life to Christ? Did you make up in your mi d to repent? Did you make up in your mind to be fully committed to God and obey His Word?

Did you make up your mind to change?

Don’t wait too long to make up your mind for time waits for no one.

What Have You Done For You Lately?

Let this not be another year that goes by that you do all that you can for others but never have the time, the focus, or the know how …to take care of YOU. Taking care of others and being there for everyone else is not going to make you the PERFECT PERSON OF THE YEAR. Loyalty is great, but are you loyal to you first? Do you get enough of rest? Do you have any down time to just relax YOUR mind? Have you taken yourself out to eat (table for one)? Have you written in your journal of your dreams, goals, or aspirations? Or are you waiting for someone to say…Ok now it’s your turn for me to take care of you?

Please! refocus, replenish, rededicate, revive, recreate, re energize,….ALL OF YOU.

Take Care of Yourself …they will just have to understand!

God is waiting on you to allow Him to carry you for a while so that you then can be better for others as well as yourself…Don’t self neglect...Now what are you going to do for you ?

What Are You Overlooking?

Did you overlook the warnings just to obtain those things that you think you really want? Did you overlook that man or woman’s character? Did you overlook your congregation not acting in a way that is not of God? Did you overlook Gods answer of “NO”? Did you overlook the instructions God gave you, when He told you to “GO”?

Are you overlooking your promise because it may not look like what you want, or because it wasn’t your idea of success?

God is giving you a chance to see that He knows what is best for you so this time DON’T OVERLOOK HIS PLAN!!

Does God Need Your Help?

NOGod does not need your help. If we would just let God do what He said He would do we could avoid a lot of aggravation disappointments, and emotional roller coasters. Just remember that what ever YOU MAKE HAPPEN will be what YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN. That is not to say, you  don’t take opportunities, that’s just to say only do what God has purposed for you and trust that whatever HE promises you, it will surly come to pass. Because He is not a God that HE shall lie. So once again …GOD DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP. YOU NEED HIS.

Did You Pray Today?

Have you talked to your Father in Heaven today? Did you tell Him thank you? Did you even acknowledge Him on today? Did you repent of your sins in word, actions, and deeds?

Did you simply do your part today of remembering that He gave His only and begotten Son for you to live without condemnation, guilt, or shame.

Did you pray today? If not how about start now.