Do You Know Where You Are In God?

Do you know the Lord just might have you sitting still in order for you to hear Him? Does He have you distant from some people because He is trying to disconnect the ties? Does He have you in a particular church so that you can learn what NOT to do? Does He allow your eyes to stay on people so that you may learn to use the gift of discernment? Does He not give you what you want because it may harm or even kill you?

Do you know where you are in God? If not ask Him. He is always listening.


It’s A Lonely Walk.

Don’t worry about not having a lot of friends or the fact that you have no one to turn to. God is with you every step of the way. He has ordered the steps of every GOOD man. Allow Him to sit with you, talk with you, love on you, forgive you, all while He hold your heart in His hand. He has all power to heal and to deliver you out of any situation or circumstance. Now walk with the Lord even if it’s by yourself.

Bless His Holy Name!




This year is about to end in just 3 weeks from now. Have you finished what you started. Go back and ask yourself, have I finished everything that I started this year? Have I completed everything that the Lord had asked me to do?

We are not suppose to leave this earth with our work left undone. Whatever assignment was given to you, make sure you give it your all and complete it. God does not give us anything that we can’t do or is too much for us to bare.

James 2:17 Faith without works is dead.