Did You Know Your Insides Match Your Outside?

God wants us to be healthy. When He made the world He also made the food that comes from the earth so that we would always eat what’s organic and it would help keep us in our right mind as well as a clean temple. Look at how you may look on the outside and ask yourself how and when did I get here and then make the changes necessary to look your best but more importantly feel your best. We may not be able to control a lot of thing but your temple, is for YOU keep clean and take care of...NOW!


Did You Know that He Already Knows?

KJV Mark 3:14

And He ordained twelve, that thy should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach…

Just as Jesus knew exactly  who these twelve were when he chose them, He also knows exactly who you are. God did not make a mistake when He chose you for He values everything and everyone that He has created. Keep in mind…that if there is something you don’t know about yourself, or even may try and hide about yourself…He Already Knows.

“Jesus Is The Only Way”

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King James Version:

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Power…How much power do you have? Do you even know that you possess it? Do you even want it?

The power that we all should be aware of is the Holy Ghost/Spirit power. The power that guides us, teaches us, gives us the wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, and the fear of the Lord.

Walk in HIM, Live in HIM, Breath HIM….He is the power!


Have You Matured In Prayer?


I must say once I had matured in prayer, in a way where I wasn’t just praying to say I did, or to get God to move on my behalf, or feeling like I had to just pray out of obligation, Life got better. My husband had counseled  me one time and said, “Don’t think of prayer as I got to do this, but I get to pray.”{It’s an opportunity} Once I took the focus off of me and what I wanted or needed, I then started to pray for what the world may need or that friend or even long lost friend may need at the present time.

My point is as I began to pray for others and their needs, I began to see God in each of their lives. And as I began to see Him, I began longing for Him. Remember it’s not all about you! And it never will be! But it is about you being a blessing to someone else that God loves the same way He loves you.