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Were You Cut Short?

Were you cut short of your plans this month with only 28 days of February? So what if you were…whatever you did not finish in time, keep going and finish. It’s not over until you quit.


Personal Thought

Today I just want to post a personal thought. I often think and want to understand people, their motives, their minds, their weaknesses, their abilities, their character, their beliefs. And I am often intrigued to find out that people are exactly what they believe. A person might not even be aware of the things that they believe in until someone else points them out for them example: “Ayanla fix my life” is often going after what a person believes about themselves or what happened in their past. That tells me the mind of a person is very powerful. it is powerful in what it holds on to or what it is being fed. However; it always takes a person to acknowledge what is on the inside of them in order to be healed and delivered from a thing.  We live in a world where the peoples mind is their ruler and the heart of a person does not know in what capacity it is to function. I said that to say this…be mindful to NOT let your mind over rule your heart and the truth of what God said about you.

What Does Your Words Mean?

Do people believe you when you speak? Do people trust your yes or your no? Do people even like to hear you talk? Do you mean what you say or are you just a person that is good with words? Next time you are in a conversation with someone close to you, ask them what does your words mean to them? You might just find out, you have been saying nothing the whole time, Or; you’re talking to the wrong person who values nothing that you have to say.

Your Words Should Have Meaning!

What Has Time Taught You About Life?

We all would agree that “time is short,” that “it goes by so fast”, that you never know what’s going to happen. So why do we not value the time that we are given? Have we become so superficial, vain, arrogant, or just careless with the gift that we have been given?

What has time taught you about life? What are you willing to change so that you don’t waste any more of it? How much of it will you value from now on?