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Did God Get The Glory?

Did God get the glory for your job, your marriage, your ministry, your business, your degree(s), or lets just say your LIFE???? When Jesus opened blinded eyes, raised the dead, and healed the sick, He did it so Our Father could get the glory. It was not to impress people or to be seen. He was not interested in being  popular. He simply wanted to witness to people who His Father is and what His plans were for His children.

Don’t forget that it was not you that did anything, it was our Lord God who blessed you with many things and people and one day is looking for you to tell someone else about Him and what He has done for you….that’s called a testimony…GIVE HIM HIS GLORY!

Did You Judge Correctly?

Did you judge that person, that situation, that job, that yes, that no, that Pastor or even yourself correctly? Don’t assume that you have all the answers or that you can’t be taught. Be careful of what and how you judge a thing.¬†

Jesus was judged and said He was to not be who He said He was, He was told He couldn’t possibly be the Son of God….but He was and still is…now what did you judge or misjudge correctly?

Make it right!

What Questions Did You Ask?

When it comes to your life, have you tried asking God what He wanted to do concerning you? When Jesus walked the earth He asked people if they wanted to be made whole, or simply if they believed in Him to do a thing. What questions have you asked or better yet did you include Him into your life? Does he love, compassion, grace, and mercy matter to you? If you did not get His input, go back today and ASK HIM!!!! and there will you find your answers.

Do You Respect Gods Place Of Worship?

John 2:16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.

Be careful how you go into the House of God. The Church has a purpose and that purpose is for believers of Jesus Christ to come together to WORSHIP not WORK for profits. God does not mind us showcasing our talents and abilities…of course not…but His time is His time. He gave us all of out gifts and talents but He also is a God of order.

Don’t lose respect for the House of God or yourself by not understanding that there is a time and a place for all things.