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Skill and Understanding

In the book of Daniel, Chapter 9 vs 22 it reads:

And he informed me, and talked with me, and said, O Daniel, I am NOW come forth to give thee skill and understanding.

This is talking about God sending Gabriel the angel down while Daniel was in the middle of praying. How awesome is that? While we pray sincerely, authentically, and privately. God sends us just what we need. And even though it may not be an angel (although we just don’t recognize them) He hears us, He listens to our voices that makes a sound that He created just for us.  Everything that we do may not take a whole lot of skill but everything we do because of God takes skill and understanding.


There’s A Grace On your Life

There is a grace on my life to release the glory of God–William Murphy III

Know and understand that there is a NEW COVENANT between us as a believer and God…and it is called GRACE. It is the unmeasured favor that we have NOT earned from the Lord but because of Jesus Christ, we are healed, delivered, and set free from every bondage and stronghold that the enemy and his world would like to keep us attached to.

Know that on today we live in grace and freedom to serve God as your Father in Heaven. Remember He loves us and gave His only begotten Son for us to live in Christ.

Personal Thought

Today I just want to post a personal thought. I often think and want to understand people, their motives, their minds, their weaknesses, their abilities, their character, their beliefs. And I am often intrigued to find out that people are exactly what they believe. A person might not even be aware of the things that they believe in until someone else points them out for them example: “Ayanla fix my life” is often going after what a person believes about themselves or what happened in their past. That tells me the mind of a person is very powerful. it is powerful in what it holds on to or what it is being fed. However; it always takes a person to acknowledge what is on the inside of them in order to be healed and delivered from a thing.  We live in a world where the peoples mind is their ruler and the heart of a person does not know in what capacity it is to function. I said that to say this…be mindful to NOT let your mind over rule your heart and the truth of what God said about you.