Have You Matured In Prayer?


I must say once I had matured in prayer, in a way where I wasn’t just praying to say I did, or to get God to move on my behalf, or feeling like I had to just pray out of obligation, Life got better. My husband had counseled  me one time and said, “Don’t think of prayer as I got to do this, but I get to pray.”{It’s an opportunity} Once I took the focus off of me and what I wanted or needed, I then started to pray for what the world may need or that friend or even long lost friend may need at the present time.

My point is as I began to pray for others and their needs, I began to see God in each of their lives. And as I began to see Him, I began longing for Him. Remember it’s not all about you! And it never will be! But it is about you being a blessing to someone else that God loves the same way He loves you.

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