Personal Thought

Today I just want to post a personal thought. I often think and want to understand people, their motives, their minds, their weaknesses, their abilities, their character, their beliefs. And I am often intrigued to find out that people are exactly what they believe. A person might not even be aware of the things that they believe in until someone else points them out for them example: “Ayanla fix my life” is often going after what a person believes about themselves or what happened in their past. That tells me the mind of a person is very powerful. it is powerful in what it holds on to or what it is being fed. However; it always takes a person to acknowledge what is on the inside of them in order to be healed and delivered from a thing.  We live in a world where the peoples mind is their ruler and the heart of a person does not know in what capacity it is to function. I said that to say this…be mindful to NOT let your mind over rule your heart and the truth of what God said about you.

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