Why Are We NOT Prepared?

Why are we not prepared for Jesus Christ to return? Why do we play with the time that we don’t know of the amount we have? Why is tomorrow so much better than today? Why can we say yes to the things that depreciate it’s value? Why is love something we don’t give away when it cost us nothing? Why are the bodies we live in as God’s temple the one thing we don’t take care of? Why doesn’t life  matter to the one’s who still have theirs? Why do we minimize our purpose to our abilities of what we like/love to do? Why do we jeopardize our very soul for a feeling that will leave after it’s been felt? Why is the truth so hard to tell and a lie so easy when it clearly does us no good?

Why are we not prepared for life after death, for eternity when it’s forever. Why are we not prepared to be judged by the Lord Himself? Why are we still asking why, when we have a book with all the answers? Why don’t we follow the example of Jesus, when He was and is the only perfect man to follow? Why are we not living Holy when it’s the only way our Father intends for us to be.

Why are we NOT prepared? The answer….because we choose not to be.

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