Is Your Sin-Your Idol?

When we read the Bible we learned of the people who worshiped false gods/idols. And today we need to recognize that just because it is not the golden calf, the statues, or Baal does not mean we have not created our own god. Your golden calf can be your relationship with your significant other, you body, your looks, your money , your house, your car, or just material things. Your Baal can be your lover, your greed for attention from people, your friend you gossip with, your self righteousness because people tend to praise you for your opinions/advice, or like most of us your electronic devices.

Lets look at the things in our lives that is or could potentially be or become our idol. Look at the things you give the most attention to. Look at the people you have surrounded yourselves with. Look at what is coming out of you that gives permission for those foul spirits to even be in your presence. Look at you and self evaluate the sins that you are still entertaining because the of the temptation that is so appealing. Look at the way you don’t put up a fight for what is right but lay down because you think you wont win the battle.

Is your sin your idol? If so, it’s time to take it to the altar and burn it, or else it may make you become the sacrifice for it to live.

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