What More Do You Want?

What more do you want? Has God not already proven Himself to you? Are you still alive? Are you still able to speak, wave your hand, sing a song, bend your knees, hear with your ears or open your eyes.

When we say we want more of God what we are really saying is I want more stuff, more accomplishments, more people to love or recognize me. God never gave us Himself half way or halfheartedly, so why do we say that as if He only gives us a piece of Himself?

Know that God gives us ALL of HIM and WE give Him SOME OF US. So the next time you feel that God still needs to give you more of anything, start by giving Him your time in prayer, worship, thanksgiving, and love. Love on Him more… and then the relationship will begin to feel as if you are not missing a thing. “IT TAKES 2!!”

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