What Do You Owe Him

In a society where we have bank loans and credit cards, we receive those things with knowing that they must be repaid with interest. So why do we receive God and all that He has given to us and have the audacity to believe that we don’t owe him anything? When in fact we will never be able to repay Him for the years that He has kept us from being snatched by the enemy. We disregard ALL that we have become because of His love, grace, and mercy.

Today think on the fact that if it had not been for the Lord that was on our side, where would we be? Not to sound like a cliche, but we have NOT even began to repay our debt to Him with our praise, our worship, and most of all our obedience?

Pay Him what you owe Him. It’s your debt. And it’s overdue! JESUS PAID IT ALL IN FULL!

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